who are we?

We are an inventor and manufacturer of a unique interactive device which finds its application in recreation, industries. We have developed a modern technology that is a peculiar know-how of our company. Thanks to it, we have created the opportunity to completely new dimension of interaction.

Nothing pleases us like the joy of child playing in a playroom, Customer’s satisfaction with a successful event, or positive reviews of Users – families with children, pleasantly surprised by Knoocker’s presence in a kids corner in hotel.

We are constantly developing our product also with new educational applications and today Knoocker will fulfill it’s role as a fantastic didactic help, which is an invaluable device for educational institutions or special schools. Thanks to it’s numerous applications, Knoocker finds recognition among older people – not only adults but also seniors as a part of rehabilitation exercises in strengthening motorics.


Knoocker sp. z o. o.

ul. Tomasza Drobnika 19 

60-693 Poznań

+ 48 603 444 484   /  + 48 730 028 885   

 email: knoocker@knoocker.com