We are a producer and seller of a unique device – Knoocker,
which can be used in many areas.

This is an interactive wall that allows you to combine move and computer games. The projector, mounted on it, displays an image to which we react by throwing a ball or writing with a special pen. It is a multifunctional device that has many different applications. You can see more about what Knoocker is and what it contains in the tab describing our product.


Create by us!

From the very beginning, we have independently developed both the technical and programming side of Knoocker. This is reason, we try to make each of its elements work best. We are constantly adding new applications that give more opportunities to players. The whole is a unique and innovative technology that we want to care for and develop.

We also give space for own ideas of its users. Everyone can use Knoocker in their own way.


The original design of the whiteboard and the modern ultrasound-fetching technology inside makes the product an innovative solution for every children care facility.


Knoocker is a unique platform with balls and a multimedia center that allows you to watch movies, cartoons, karaoke or surfing the Internet.


Knoocker system is easy-in-use as the youngest players can choose the games and play without parental supervision.


The solid construction has swivel-wheels, so you can easily relocate the platform to any prefered place. Whole construction need only 3 square meters to serve for users.

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Innovative Technology 


Pointer3D is a new project of Knoocker company. IT is a small device that allows you to navigate in 3D space. This device accurately and quickly reproduces every movement when you draw with the pen in the space. It is based on the innovative technology of Doppler ultrasound shifts. Pointer3D has many applications.


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